Business cards can be useful in all of your interactions throughout the summer. You run into someone in the street and you want to schedule a shiur, you visit someone in their office and they are out for lunch, you want to connect a tourist with their local Shliach - leave a card. 

Customize a Merkos Shlichus business card with your contact information, print and hand it out!


Follow these steps to assist you in customizing your business cards.

  1. Visit this link to customize your card template.

    1. Update your name and your Chavrusa's name

    2. Add your phone and email address

    3. Add your chavrusa's phone and email address

  2. If you want to print at a local print shop or your home printer:

    1. On the top right, click Share, then Download, then Download

    2. Click this link to open the multi-page printer template

    3. On the left side, click Uploads, then Upload Media, then select the business card you just downloaded and click Open.

    4. Drag the file you just uploaded to one of the scenery pictures on the template. Repeat 9 times.

    5. On the top right, click Share, then Download, then change the file type to PDF Print and click Download.

    6. You should be able to print the cards easily on cardstock on your local printer.

    7. Use the guides to cut your cards and start handing them out!

  3. If you want to order printed business cards from Canva directly, click ​Print Business Cards on the top right and follow the instructions. Make sure to note the cost and shipping time before you move forward to make sure that it's in your budget and will be ready at least a few days before your assignment.