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Reporting from Argentina

A team of Bochurim are canvassing rural Argentina and finding Yidden in many dozens of cities by making phone calls, searching the web, combing through phone books and knocking on doors. Below you can see a sample of the schedule of a pair of Argentina's Roving Rabbis this month.

Sample Schedule

martes 02/08 Chascomus, Bs As

miércoles 03/08 Castelli, Bs As

miércoles 03/08 Dolores, Bs As

miércoles 03/08 S Clemente del Tuyu, Bs As

miércoles 03/08 Las Toninas, Bs As

miércoles 03/08 S Teresita, Bs As

miércoles 03/08 La Lucila del Mar, Bs As

jueves 04/08 S Bernardo, Bs As

jueves 04/08 Mar de Ajó, Bs As

jueves 04/08 Pinamar, Bs As

jueves 04/08 Valeria del Mar, Bs As

jueves 04/08 Carilo, Bs As

jueves 04/08 Villa Gesell, Bs As

viernes 05/08 Mar de las Pampas, Bs As

viernes 05/08 Tandil, Bs As


domingo 07/08 Necochea, Bs As

domingo 07/08 Miramar, Bs As

domingo 07/08 Mar de Cobo, Bs As

lunes 08/08 Sierra de los padres, Bs As

lunes 08/08 Saladillo, Bs as

lunes 08/08 San Gregorio, S. Fe

lunes 08/08 Casilda, S Fe