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S. Maarten: He Walked Right In the Door

We were sitting in the Chabad House in St Maarten at around 11:30am on Wednesday when a lovely man named Harvey walked in with his wife Gail, and son Randi. Randi is an eye doctor on the Island, and they were visiting him from Florida when they noticed a synagogue and walked in. They asked for a tour which we were very happy to give. When we got to the Shul we gently offered Harvey to put on tefillin. "I've never done that before!" Randi was pretty resistant, but after some convincing Harvey decided he wanted to put on tefillin. We made him a lovely Bar Mitzvah at 84 years old, inside the Chabad House in St Maarten - we didn't even have to step outside! We gave him a yarmulke which he walked out wearing, and he was very happy. We'll visit him in Florida soon!

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