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Trento, Italy: Roving Rabbis Report

Yesterday we went to Trenino in Northern Italy. There is a Sarangna Cable Car that takes you up to the top of a beautiful mountain in just a few minutes. We decided to ride up on a break from doing "street" mivtzoim.

At one point, on the lookout deck on top of the mountain there were seven people: Me and my chavrusa, two young men from Manchester who agreed to put on tefillin, a Jewish woman from London who took our picture, and a Jewish couple from somewhere in Italy.

The couple didn't feel comfortable with "public" Judaism but happily took a tefillas haderech card with and thought what we were doing was very cool. The two young men arrived the night before for a 3 week trip around Italy. Before they left they decided that one goal while they were in Italy was to put on tefillin. They were so excited that this was the start of the their trip. The Englishwoman, who we gave a neshek kit to, was marveling at our "chutzpah" of just walking up to people and asking them to put on tefillin.

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